Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices (RP), which has its roots in Restorative Justice, is a new field of study being used in schools to improve student's accountability, community safety, and competency development.

Training Overview

Lead by Dr. Marian Fritzemeier, Ed. D. and Rev. Marty Villa, MA, LMFT, Youth for Christ is providing this innovative and dynamic 3-day seminar that equips school site staff to implmenent RP which typically increases student responsibility and decreases suspensions and expulsions.  Consultants (YFC Staff) also conduct a site visit and schedule follow-up visits to facilitate the sites' implementation plans. 

Seminar Goals

1. Introduce the concepts of Retorative Practices.
2. Offer new tools that can reduce the need for school exclusion and juvenil eJustice system involvement regarding school misconduct.
3. Provide strategies to enhance the school environment, change the school culture, and restore relationships after conflict arises.

In addition to Year 1 training, YFC is now also offering a 2nd year of training helping existing RP schools to further their RP implementation plans. While definitive numbers and statistics are still being gathered, many schools report a minimum of a 50% decrease in suspensions alone.

"Releasing teachers from their classrooms for professional deveopment can be delicate. If they are going to spend the time, they want it to be relevant, engaging, delivered by competent trainers, and include some practical take-aways they can apply in their classrooms the next day. All of these were true of the RP training provided to MCS by YFC." ~ Mike Henderson, Modesto City Schools Senior Director of Alternative Education
"When the District decided to begin training our sites on Restorative Practices, it was important we found a contractor who was knowledgeable, engaging, and able to presuade our staff to see the importance of using an alternative approach to school discipline. YFC exceeded our expectations in all of these areas." ~ Mark Herbst, Modesto City Schools Senor Director of Educational Services

For more information about the YFC Restorative Practices trainings, please call (209) 522-9568 ext.118.

  • Kourtney Kauffman, Restorative Practices Consultant
    (209) 522-9568 ext.122

  • Samantha Tallon, Restorative Practices Consultant
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