Virtual “PIVOT” Auction

Pivot! The most overused word of 2020 but guess what?! We’re going to use it one more time to pivot our 27th Annual Christmas Auction and Dinner.

While 2020 threw a massive curveball to the world, Youth for Christ has continued to do all we can to pursue, reach, and positively impact the lives of young people both now and forever. This event is critical to raising the funds needed to engage teens incarcerated in the local juvenile hall, provide mentoring and discipleship at a time of heightened anxiety and depression, invest in and encourage our student leaders, and offer quality mental health services to care for the whole person.

Here’s the best part of this event… we are kicking off on Black Friday and concluding at the end of Giving Tuesday. This five-day event will give you a chance to casually check in, bid, look at daily highlights, and make a difference in the lives of lost young people this year.

We have an incredible need to raise $86,510 between the start of our event and the end of December. Every contribution gets us closer to meeting budget. Thanks to four incredible local businesses who believe in the cause, all expenses have been covered for this event, and every single penny you spend goes directly toward bringing the love and hope of Jesus to our young people. Thank you in advance for being a critical part of this mission!!

Mark your calendar for November 27th - December 2nd and get ready to pivot as details roll out!