For almost 20 years, Youth for Christ Central Valley has been reaching out to pregnant or parenting teens through a program called Teen Parents and Mentor Moms. The Teen Parents Program exists to embrace, educate and empower pregnant and parenting adolescents by promoting personal growth and accountability and mentoring them in important life decisions.

Students who attend have the opportunity to receive credits, earn diapers and other baby supplies through attendance and good grades.

Students can come to a weekly club to meet with an adult who understands what they are going through, and can talk with them about life and parenting.  They build lasting relationships with other young people who are learning what it means to be a parent and they enjoy the fun and laid back atmosphere, while they learn and grow.

Through a holistic curriculum, the Teen Parents program
strives to provide training in life skills including:
•         Parenting
•         Cooking and other basic home skills
•         Budgeting
•         Literacy
•         Health and nutrition
•         Child development
•         Job readiness including how to write a resume’ and successful interview skills

In school sites we also have a character development curriculum called “Anti-Virus” that gives students an opportunity to think about how the choices they make impact the world around them.

Are you a teen parent who would like to be connected?
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Contact Kenneth Sylvia for more information.