From Rick Fritzemeier

Praise the Lord for so many blessings and such an incredible team.  I'm on year 26 here at Youth for Christ Central Valley (YFCCV).  I can't believe it, but I'm so blessed to have the trust of so many as we continue to advance and accomplish our mission: Reaching some of the hardest (highly at-risk) teenagers in the valley with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

If you are new to our site, please click around and check us out.  We've implemented some incredible stategies to reach out to and reach highly at-risk teens.  If you can't find an answer to a question or query don't hesitate to give me a personal call at (209) 522-9568 x113

For our long time friends and partners, WELCOME BACK.  We continually update the site with the latest information, news and events.

By the way, if you want even more information on YFCCV, then you should also go to our Facebook page: and make sure and "like us".


Rev. Rick J. Fritzemeier

  • Rick Fritzemeier- Executive Director

    209-522-9568, ext. 113

    As the executive director, Rick spends much of his time in meetings, networking and making sure we are always telling new people about what we are doing at YFC. There is no denying his commitment to reaching lost youth.

    Some would say he is 'Top Dawg' in the office.